Alvord ISD Gifted and Talented Services-G/T Coordinator Kaysi Hamilton

Alvord ISD meets the needs of our gifted population through the Alvord ISD Gifted and Talented Services referred to as BRIDGE in the AISD G/T Handbook.  BRIDGE is an acronym for Bulldogs Reaching Individual Destinations through Gifted Education.  G/T students are served through a variety of instructional options.  New G/T students to the district will be automatically accepted into services with records supporting that the student has previously qualified for G/T services in another school system.  Any student in AISD is eligible to be nominated for the G/T identification process.  G/T testing occurs in the fall and spring as well as kinder testing at midyear.  Important information on this webpage include:  nomination form, current AISD G/T Handbook, Community Awareness Slideshow, G/T Family Orientation Slideshow, Community Survey, G/T Handbook Receipt form, G/T supply list, Mrs. Hamilton's schedule.

Hamilton Family

Mrs. Kaysi Jane Hamilton
Gifted and Talented Coordinator
940-427-5511 ext. 2207

Education: Mrs. Hamilton attended the University of North Texas.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Math Specialization.  She is certified to teach grades 1-8 as well as departmentalized math.  She has extensive training in gifted and talented education and mathematics.

Experience: Mrs. Hamilton is working on her twenty-second year in public education.  She has experience in first grade, third grade, intermediate math, and all-level gifted and talented.  She has taught in Paradise, Chico, and Alvord.  

Bio: Mrs. Hamilton was born and raised in Alvord, Texas.  She is married to her high school sweetheart.  Many generations of her family on both sides have attended Alvord ISD.  Mrs. Hamilton has 4 children--two daughters who work in the medical field and two sons--one attends Alvord Middle School and one who starts kinder at Alvord this year.   Mrs. Hamilton celebrated the birth of a grandson this summer!!!

Class Schedule

 1st Period 8:05-8:50 Conference

2nd Period 8:55-9:40 G/T K-5 and identification

3rd Period 9:45-10:30  G/T  K-5 and identification

4th Period 10:35-11:20  7th gr. Science with Hall

5th Period 11:25-12:10 HS G/T 

Homeroom 12:15-12:45 MS G/T

Lunch 12:45-1:15 Duty Tuesday

6th Period 1:20-2:05  MS College/Career Readiness

7th Period 2:10-2:55  MS College/Career Readiness

8th Period 3:00-3:40  Yearbook-Flex period

Supply List

composition book


tri-fold project board

foam board

colored copy paper